Oliver Böll aka Ruhrkraft is an electronic music producer born in 1981. He grew up in Dortmund which is part of the metropolitan region “ruhrgebiet” in Germany. He first encountered synthesized sounds in 1994  has been raving ever since. By stumbling upon radio shows, he found endless possibilities to feed his newly discovered passion for electronic music. His devotion increased further when his raving shoes first hit the floors of clubs like the Warehouse, Fusion, Soundgarden, Cosmic Club, Butan and Tribehouse. He just liked the rhythmic and impulsive sounds which make you move and smile, surrounded by hundreds of people who all feel the same. In the years that followed, he bounced to the beatLater he discovered the realms of drum and bass in which he had a tendency to enjoy their more liquid and atmospheric versions. At nearby events  his musical experience was broadened on an international level. All this led to first attempts behind the decks and the realization that for him mixing the music was not enough. He wanted to create a style of his own compiled out of the sounds he learned to love over the years.Around his 17th Birthday he had a first go with Rebirth followed by Reason, Cubase and Ableton Live. After a few stops and starts he has now been producing continuously for the past 5 years. Some call it pressure chill, some chill jazz and others say it is simply somewhat 'kraftwerky'.


R. Marlon is a  DJ and Producer of House music. R. Marlon was born in Suriname. In the early 80's he moved to The Netherlands. All his influences in music ame from the Music Capital of Holland "Amsterdam" . In the early day's of the Electronic Dance Music he was a big fan of all the Underground Parties that took place in and around Amsterdam.

After a break in making Music, he met the right people in Midi, Amsterdam to get him right on track again.  Now he's the man with the right tool in the studio to get him back where he belongs, upfront in the "Producers" world of electronic dance music. At this moment he is doing a lot of Remix work, and this keeps him an all-round producer that is not stuck with only one style in his mind.  He is a producer who is capable of making anything in each style that will work on the dance floor. His preferred style to produce is Progressive, Electro, and Dutch House.

 Dave Perkins

Started producing music in 2000. With no experience on equipment or production, he took a long break. In or around 2005, he began mixing on Vinyl and once again fell in love with making music. Dave became familiar with production and various Software available to do such. Producing sounds hours a day became a regular hobby and turned to a profession in 2010. Dave Perkins has been making music ever since focusing on Minimal and Deep genres of "House" and continues to bring some thing new every time. 



“People from the Stars” was founded in January 2012 out of passion for the house music by two 30 years old guys. After years of listening to it at the clubs and playing sets at the parties with friends they decided that the best way to comprehend and love music is to create it by themselves. It all started for fun, laughing and joking with the closest friends about casual notes.

Step by step they realized that their ideas were taking shape, the sounds were getting worthy, the general concept had developed into something definite. That’s why they decided to create a music social network profile and publish their tracks. The two guys got really positive feedback from the audience. People started to listen to their music, comment and suggest something new. The recognition of composing something rewarding has become the motivating force for the guys.

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